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All applause to this series

I felt that the serious tone of this step was the next logical progression. You could see elements of the conflict boiling up in the other pieces of the story. You definitely have a way of telling a story and really tugging at the heart strings. When I first watched steps 1 and 2, I thought they were brilliantly animated, but simple silly love stories, but I like where you've taken it because you can't know true love without some kind of sacrifice.


I have to start off by saying that I really like all the other Awesome videos, including some of the tributes such as Awesome's creed. Saying that, this one was a bit of a disappointment. I just didn't find the humor in it, although I do appreciate the originality of representing the strategy guide as a spandex-clad super hero. As I have never played the xbox Ninja Gaiden, I suppose I would find it funnier if I knew just exactly how hard it was. You've definitely cleaned up the art and animation as well, and I'm not sure it works for this series as I usually found that the sloppier the style, the harder I laughed. I felt the rushed look to some of the drawings really lent themselves to the ranting narration, but who am I to judge, you're friggin Ego-raptor and I am some Newgrounds shlub XD.

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Great early 90's send up!

Oh my god, I was a nintendo loving adolescent in the late 80's/early 90's and holy crap have you guys ever captured exactly what the TV was like back then. So campy, with obnoxious hosts, totally playing off of the Bill and Ted lovable idiot/ inseparable best friends angle. This was even accurate down to the overdramatic and totally clueless parental unit that would always inevitably be shown acting like an incompetent. The TMNT/Vanilla Ice poster? Brilliant.

And you had a fucking Fade/racing stripe hair cut. Amazing

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Visually Stunning, and the music chosen was great

Although I rated this Flash very high, it was based on a technical standpoint only. I do however have a few issues with the writing aspect of it. I have no ground to stand on as far as animation goes, and I really thought the music you picked was perfect for the movie. There were a few issues I took with the story.

1.) Ok, I know you are taking a creative stance on the classic tale, but Aladdin was starving and wanted more. The whole reason he used the genie was to get things that weren't meant for him. In my mind, Aladdin having powers took away from the point of the original story.

2.) He puts on an impressive display against what appeared to be the royal guards because I assumed that the girl riding the elephant to be royalty. He obviously had some ability, yet later on, he succumbs to a simple plank of wood to the head and a few measly crooks.

3.) I understand that the beast he morphs into was meant to be a manifestation of his anger due to losing the girl, but wouldn't he have had the wherewithal and instinct to use his powers to prevent her from dying?

Don't take this the wrong way, I really liked the flash, and hope you do many more, just a few helpful hints to help you make a great thing suberb

Oh man!

That's my favorite NOFX song of all time. Great way to incorporate the "Wolves in wolves' clothing art design to make this flash." Good stuff all around, and do I have to mention again. That song gets me all fired up. That's the kind of anthem that starts revolutions and gets people to be solidified behind their principles.

Thanks for makin this

MarkArandjus responds:

This is a good song, but I didn't expect for it to be someone's fav, wich is great to know!

You don't know how much it means to me to represent a fav something of someone, I can imagine if someone made a flash about a song I loved and didn't get much other atention in any other media than sound.
You're welcome!

I really dig this series as a whole

That being said, the only complaint I have is that some of them tend to prattle on a bit. If I was mike, and my name IS mike, I would have punched Rob loooong ago. That's neither here nor there. Any D&D player has to be endeared to this series. Everyone who has played the game, has at one time or another run across a player like Rob. Good mix of humor, linking the nerd realms together. Plenty of material from Tabletop roleplaying, Online gaming, and console gaming.

Overall, my favorite thing about the series is the library of old, retro 8-bit music you put along with it. I recognized many, but the only two I can recall right now are TMNT-The original Nes, not arcade game and Willow. I know there's more, but my brain farted. You've made me want to pick up the dice again though, I can tell you that much!

Wow, pretty cynical.

I don't normally think of this place as a place to learn lessons, but I really feel bad for Jerry, although his life could have been a lot lot worse. Jerry was pretty stupid and made really some really bad choices. I just don't see someone in that situation killing themselves. He had a place to live, maybe didn't like his baby-mama, but killing yourself just because you have to work at a grocery store and you have a baby?

Seems pretty ridiculous. The humorous parts were funny however, and the art design was not the prettiest, but effective nonetheless.

It was a good flash

I had problems with the sound cutting out early in the flash, and plus

Darth Maul????!!! The worst enemy in the star wars universe EVER. Talk about suck!

This looked really good,

But A Jedi does not take revenge...

Funny but,

I seriously doubt that that variety and range of tones comes from one phone, and if that's the case...and he used a bunch of phones...anyone can do that. Hell, all you'd have to do is record a TON of tones, turn them into mp3 files, insert into a recording/mixing program, blammo...you are now the touchtone genius

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